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Top 10 Reasons To Be A GoE Energist Trainer

The GoE is looking for new trainers to teach fabulous courses such as Energy EFT FoundationEnergy EFT Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management FoundationModern Stress Management ProfessionalEMO Master Practitioner and Modern Energy Coach throughout the world. As the Original EFT Certifying Body, The GoE has amassed almost twenty years of experience supporting trainers and helping them to succeed, so here follows the Top 10 List of Reasons to train for us...

Posted May 25, 2017

Help for Manchester - Free Emotional and Mental Support Phone Lines

Listing of GoE professionals offering a free phone session to anyone directly affected by the Manchester 22nd May 2017 terrorist attack. They are specialists in emotional health such as stress, PTSD, anxiety and emotional trauma.

  • Please share this list with anyone affected and encourage them to get in touch. 

Posted May 23, 2017

Welcome New GoE Members - April 2017

Congratulations to all the new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy Qualifications over the last month. We are delighted to see our Energy family grow, strengthen and reach further an further around the world.


Posted May 18, 2017

Energy Psychology And Modern Energy - What's The Difference?

Answering the popular question: Energy Psychology And Modern Energy - What's The Difference?

Posted May 17, 2017

What Is Modern Energy?

Posted May 8, 2017

Energy Chart, SUE Scale & Pyramid Model

The basic premise that emotions are feedback devices on the conditions in the energy body, and that in order to understand emotions, it is of the essence to factor in both positive as well as negative emotions, unlocks a completely new understanding of human behaviour and state.

The Energy Chart (Hartmann 2011) is an objective instrument to describe the effects of energy body state changes in a system measuring from -10 to +10.

The SUE Scale (Hartmann 2009) is used to measure the subjective experience of any person, but the Energy Chart (energy body stress chart) gives an objective assessment of the functioning of firstly the energy body, but then the knock on effect on the entirety of the mind body system as states change, behaviours change, values, attitudes and beliefs change, physiological state changes, thought changes.

The Pyramid Model (Hartmann 2015) and The Expanded Pyramid Model (Hartmann 2016) are conceptual devices to make it easy to teach and understand the Energy Chart.

Posted May 8, 2017

GoE Trainer of the Month - April 2017

Congratulations to Peter Donn for winning "GoE Trainer of the Month" in April 2017!

Also congratulations to our runners up:

Posted May 5, 2017

"Netflix for Energists" - GoE Digital Library Now Open!

We're excited to announce a huge new benefit for GoE members - the Guild of Energists Digital Library. This wonderful new resource comes at no extra charge and is similar to a "Netflix for Energists" where you can enjoy as much content as you like.

  • New members may Join Today for just £30 GBP per year which includes many other benefits such as a bonus eBook copy of Silvia Hartmann's "Energy EFT", a subscription to The Energist magazine and also access to the member support group

Already the library contains a wealth of modern energy content for learningrelaxing and to help live life at the positive end of the SUE scale.

Posted Apr 27, 2017

GoE Distance Learning EFT & Energy Courses - Sign Up Week

24th April 2017 marks the beginning of a new Sign Up Week for official GoE EFT & Energy distance learning courses, written by Silvia Hartmann on subjects including:



Discounts for GoE Members

To claim your GoE member discount on distance learning courses (Standard Members 10%, Professionals 15%, Trainers 20%), contact the office:

Posted Apr 24, 2017

Modern Energy And Mental Health

Defining the relationship between Modern Energy in the Third Field and "mental health" by GoE President Silvia Hartmann.

Modern Energy & "Mental Health" - An Overview | Stress & Mental Health | Modern Energy & Prescription Medication | Modern Energy & Mental Health - In Conclusion

Posted Apr 24, 2017

Enerji - Turkish Modern Energy Book by Sevgi Sahin

In her second book "Enerji", Turkish human behaviour specialist and energy therapist Sevgi Sahin's shares with us her 21 years of experience, knowledge and new modern energy techniques.

Read on for more...

Posted Apr 23, 2017

From Subtle Energy To Hands Of Power - The Path To Modern Energy Healing

Silvia Hartmann, President of The GoE, shares her path from old fashioned "spiritual healing" to the new Modern Energy Healing we have today. 

Posted Apr 11, 2017

Welcome New GoE Members - March 2017

Congratulations to all the new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications over the last month. We are delighted to see our Energy family grow, strengthen and reach further an further around the world.

Read on...

Posted Apr 6, 2017

GoE Trainer of the Month - March 2017

Congratulations to Alexandra Paulino for winning "GoE Trainer of the Month" in March 2017!

Also congratulations to our runners up:

Posted Apr 5, 2017

Get Ready for International Tapping Day! 13th April

Guild of Energists CEO Alex Kent writes: "From the original TFT to the many derivative techniques, the tapping journey has come on a long way since Roger Callahan cured his patient "Mary", who previously had an extreme water phobia."

Read on for the full article...

Posted Apr 4, 2017

Energy in Action!

"Hello Everyone! My name is Jorge and I am energy and an energist.

"When I was asked to write an article about the very first ever GoE Energy Conference, the EMO (Energy In Motion) Master Practitioner course (with 25 participants!), The SuperMind course with Silvia Hartmann, and my overall experience in Eastbourne over those 6 days; I simply had an event!"

Read on for the full story...

Posted Mar 27, 2017

Are you ready to change your life? GoE MODERN Energy Trainers Program 2017

In just 70 days time, the first ever official Guild of Energists MODERN Energy Trainers Program will take place at The View Hotel, Eastbourne, and we invite you to sign up for this unique and amazing opportunity.

Read on for more information...

Posted Mar 24, 2017

MODERN Energy Healing - Energy Healing For The Energy Body

There is a tremendous amount of confusion on the topic of "energy healing."

Many believe that energy healing is entirely delusional and that those who practise it are at best incapable of rational, logical thought, and at worst, nothing more than snake oil salesmen who promise healing to the desperate which never materialises.

This sad state of affairs has come about because traditional or classic "energy healing" was always focused on the physical body - to try and heal the physical body of physical maladies.

Posted Mar 23, 2017

The Trauma Trap

Why the endless chasing of trauma will not make your life any better in the long run, and what to do to escape from the trauma trap. 

Posted Mar 20, 2017

Turkish EFT Trainer helps Children with Autism

We were very excited to learn that Turkish Modern Energy Trainer Hayat Etingü‎ has taken Energy EFT into an Autisic and Mental Health School, and made a huge difference.

Read on for the full article....

Posted Mar 17, 2017

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