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Do I Have To Study Psychology To Become An Energy Psychologist?

by Silvia Hartmann

Do I Have To Study Psychology To Become An Energy Psychologist?

Wayne writes: I have been using energy release techniques for the past several years and have decided that my life mission is to be an energy psychologist. I read your article on energy psychology and I was very impressed with the writing and information provided. I was wondering if you could tell me what steps I need to take to become an accredited energy psychologist.

Do I have to study clinical psychology first?

Dear Wayne,

you definitely don't have to study psychology first in order to help people with energy psychology techniques such as EFT and EMO. What you do need, however, is a knowledge of the processes of dealing with clients on a professional basis, from proper procedure and codes of conduct to record taking and referrals and so forth.

So what you are looking for is any kind of counseling course that satisfies the laws of your land to set up as a professional coach or counselor and that has these basic and really very important aspects covered.

A good rule of thumb is to ask whether the qualification you gain is sufficient to then get practice insurance as a coach or counselor which is something you definitely need if you want to go professional.

Concurrently with that you want to make sure to get a good quality energy psychology training, because working with energy psychology is a different modality than ordinary counseling or coaching.

The GoE does excellent energy psychology practitioner trainings:

There is a correspondence course version here:

My personal recommendation is beyond that, to practice, practice, practice with the biggest variety of live people you can legally get your hands on.

You can do this by giving free introductions to EFT, evenings, at health fairs, at health shops, for church groups, any club or society that will have you, anywhere and everywhere you can.

At present, we are in a situation where you essentially get to design your own training in energy psychology from the available sources, and I would always recommend to read any book on energy psychology you can, and also to attend energy psychology conferences, as this field is so new and constantly developing.

Energy psychology is a truly amazing exploration, possibly one of the most exciting things you can get into, I am certainly still excited and amazed at the potential  that is unfolding here, and very grateful that we get to be a part of it.

Wishing you all the best,


Silvia Hartmann

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